Hot and Filthy: The Honeymoon

Book 4.5 

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Emma Everly didn’t know true love or happiness until she met enigmatic millionaire James Shaw. He turned her world upside down, all for the better, possessing her heart, body, and soul. He brought her over to the dark and dirty side and opened her eyes to the wild and kinky sex Emma didn’t even know she craved.

Now they’re married and ready to start their life together, and Emma realizes all her dreams are coming true. With a romantic honeymoon planned on a live-aboard boat in French Polynesia with nothing but her handsome husband and the fishes, Emma is positive James will take her body to newer and more extreme heights of pleasure. But James has other ideas, and even in the middle of their sexy sea adventure, their relationship is put to the test. Emma must find a way to come to terms with James’ demands or risk ruining their first holiday as husband and wife.


He had me naked in seconds. My chest heaved while my throat felt dry and my pussy was saturated; I’m sure there was a big damp patch on the bed beneath me. And then he went to work. Methodical and precise, like he was with everything, he’d wrap a strand of the elastic around my thigh to measure and then measure again before he cut.

A master craftsman in the woodshop, my man could make anything, be it an armour, a bed, a table, or a naughty spanking bench that we pulled out on weekends, he was a pro. So to see him put the expertise of measure twice, cut once, into play here, in the bedroom, made me smile.

He put two around each thigh, one around each bicep, one around my back and across my breasts, another around my stomach and then the final one lower across my hips so that it rested on the top of my pubic bone. By the time he was finished and I looked down at his handy work I felt more like a zebra than a blushing bride.

“God, you look sexy,” he said with a growl. “So fucking sexy.”

I licked my lips and looked up into his eyes. “Now what?”

“Now?” he leaned over to the nightstand again and grabbed a black sash. “Now I blindfold you so you have no idea where I’m going to strike or when.” And then he wrapped the soft sash around my head until I couldn’t see a thing.

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