Hard, Fast and Madly: Part 1

Book 7


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Secrets, they always come back to bite…everybody

Freya Lapierre thought she’d lost everything the day her husband died. Then she discovered the mess he left behind. Now she knows he wasn’t the man he pretended to be throughout their marriage, and his friends—her new enemies—are coming for her. Pair that with an ailing father and a move to a brand new city, Freya’s got no time—or patience—for love. So when Jake Leeman shows up, smart, sexy, fun and persistent, she shouldn’t take the bait.

But oh, does she want to. Because Jake’s making her feel things she never thought possible again. And she still craves the happily-ever-after she thought she lost forever.

Jake Leeman wants a change. He’s finished college and ready to move to a new city to start fresh. Confident, determined, even ruthless, Jake’s not afraid to take on anything—except flying—so of course he meets the woman of his dreams on a plane. Freya’s cool beauty intrigues him, as does the sense that she’s hiding a dangerous secret. She doesn’t think he can help her—but he can.

And he will. Because Jake has set his heart on Freya, and he’s going to give her the future she deserves.


“Shit!” he exclaimed as we got ourselves situated and were preparing for take-off. “I totally forgot to go and buy headphones.” He shot me a look of mild panic. “Would you mind holding my hand like you did before?”

I gave him a small smile. “Of course not.”

And then the jokester was back. “I mean I guess now I can ask you to make out with me, right?”

Rolling my eyes, I laughed. Something I was doing a lot more of in the last few days. “I suppose so, yes.”

Then his eyes traveled around and behind me to the back of the plane. “And there is a bed on this thing … ”

I gave him a mock look of surprise as my whole body sparked alive and my core tingled and tightened in anticipation.

“Don’t give me that look.” He laughed, his eyebrows bobbing provocatively. “I saw your eyes dart there when we boarded. You were thinking the exact same thing.”

I shook my head. “Was not.”

The devil himself smiled back at me. “Liar!” and before I could even blink I was hauled out of my seat and dragged back to the bedroom, Jake’s hard body covering mine and his lips roaming across my face. “What better way to distract yourself from turbulence than by making some turbulence of your own!” he murmured against my neck, softly biting that sensitive spot behind my ear.

I was weak, helpless against his devotion and attentiveness. Jake had taken hold of my body, my mind and I’m pretty sure my soul and shown me a new level of pleasure. He’d awakened a beast, he possessed me, and there was nothing I could do but give in to his unwavering attention and let him peel the clothes from my body and ruthlessly worship me.









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